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Technical Description: 230 Watt 220 Volt Electric Motor Diameter 145 mm Engine RPM Grinding wheel: 3000pm service light weight sharpener kg 5.8 ca. The sharpener can be of other colours usually or red or black the choice is random. E 'can sharpen any model of chainsaw chain supplied: a 3.2 mm grinding wheel, a stone to revive the grinding wheel and a template control chains a sharp chain is more important than a powerful motor we strongly recommend you to learn to sharpen the chain. The chain, it must always be sharpened to perfection for sawing in efficient, secure, and precise. The lumberjacks professionals affilano the chains several times a day, because they know that a sharp chain is more important than a powerful motor. With that frequency is the chain sharp? Of course depends on the intensity of use of the chainsaw. However, it is the hour when the chain starts to seem slow. The Aspect Of The Sawdust is a great indicator of chain. A sharp chain saw produces smaller and splinters uniform, while a slow produces only sawdust.
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Professional Sharpener for Chainsaw Chains B0774Y15MT

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